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2 Powerful Reasons to Create a Great One-Liner

#blog Jun 04, 2021

Every business owner needs a tight, simple way to communicate what they offer.


With a great one-liner, you’ll be able to say exactly what you do, who you help, which problem you solve, and the transformation you offer - in one and a half sentences or less. 


But I’ll be honest. I’ve gone through this process over 275 times with my clients, and it takes a lot of work and effort to get it right. Very rarely do you nail it the first time!

And you’re busy, I get it. That’s why I want to share two powerful reasons why going through the process of creating your one-liner is really worth it.


#1: Clarity of Your Message


You need a simple message your customers will understand.


Don’t go for cute or clever. Remember, if you confuse your customers, you’ll lose them!


Your goal is to communicate your message simply, so your customers can make a decision right away.


I always like to say, clear is kind. Just be clear with me, tell me what you do! Don’t add more words than you need, or you risk a confusing message.


After you create your one-liner, you’ll have a clear, sharp pitch that really connects with your customers - and they’ll be more likely to say, “Yes, I want that!”


Plus, you can use it in multiple places - like your social media profiles, your email signature, and your website.


#2: Clarity of Your Mindset


Creating a great one-liner also brings you clarity.


Yes, you’ll get clarity in your message - but you’ll also get clarity for your mindset.


Going through this process is so helpful, especially when you’re fleshing out ideas or trying to decide how to say what you do.


You’ll get clear on exactly who your ideal client is, what your solution is, and the transformation you provide. And you’ll also get clear on your purpose!


This process is like exercising. It can be really challenging, especially in the beginning when you aren’t sure what you do.


But if you put in the work, you’re going to feel great inside. You will be so dang proud when you finally finish your one-liner.


Each time you go through the process, you are going to get clearer and clearer. And clarity breeds confidence!


Does your product or service pass the one-liner test?


The only way to create a clear message buyers will understand and find more confidence in what you do is to go through the process of creating a one-liner.


In fact, any time you have a new idea, you should go through the one-liner process to see if it passes the test. 


If you can say who you are and what you do in one and a half sentences or less, and still be clear and compelling, congratulations, you passed!


But it can be tricky to create a great one-liner if you aren’t super clear on what you do. And that’s okay!


I created The Pitch Bundle to walk you through the same process I use with my 1:1 clients to create their one-liners. You’ll have everything you need to get yours nailed down in minutes! 

Never confuse your customers again. Click here to grab The Pitch Bundle and get started today!


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