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Too many freelancers struggle to make the leap to full-time business owner. You're great at what you do, but finding the right clients, knowing what to charge and getting repeat business is hard work, right?


Getting Started

Narrow your niche, figure out your prices and manage your time effectively.

Accelerating Growth

Leverage platforms like Upwork, create a signature process and become an expert.

Building A Team

Scale your business with processes and people to manage sustainable growth and get back your time.

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Hey, I'm Lisa!

I make my own cold brew coffee, CrossFit in my garage and
manage to keep 3 kids alive...

And when I'm not playing Mom, or writing copy for clients, I'm coaching other freelancers how to take their passion from part-time freelancer to full-time business owner. 

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide helping people clarify their message through copywriting, I've built a 6 figure business on Upwork from my kitchen table. I know what it takes to: 

  • Find clients you like
  • Charge what you're worth
  • Create a signature process
  • Scale a growing business

I made the leap from part-time freelancer to full-time business less than 2 years, I'd love to help you do the same.

Don't have a signature process yet?  

Freelancers who clarify a simple process in their business attract better clients, position themselves as the guide and get paid what they're worth. Want to know how to find clients you like, do work that you love on your own schedule?   

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Megan A - PR Freelancer

Lisa's course and coaching saved me at least a year on my Upwork journey. I wanted to move from casual side hustle to full-time business, but wasn't sure how. Lisa helped me identify limiting mindsets, and gave me a simple process that streamlined my business and boosted my confidence! 

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Freelancing is hard, you don't need to go it alone. The Full Thrive Community supports freelancers with LIVE training every Wednesday, Hot Seat Coaching and a video resource library on demand.

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Get Started Freelancing
On Upwork

The Upwork Quick Start Course skips the boring basics and gives you strategies, step-by-step instructions and proven templates to find clients you like and do work that you love on Upwork.

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Accelerate Your Business
With Coaching

Transform your business with 1:1 and group coaching programs. Learn from someone who built a 6-figure business on Upwork and scaled  with a signature process, streamlined systems and a team. 

Coach With Lisa

What does it mean to work Full Thrive? 

Whether you are new to freelancing, working full time, or scaling your business with a team, the goal of working Full Thrive is to find clients you like, do work that you love, on your own schedule.  Joining the Full Thrive Community is your first step to:


Network with other freelancers, get referrals or create partnerships.


Free live trainings and coaching each week inside the Full Thrive private group. 


Accelerate your business success with courses and coaching programs. 

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Karen Escobar

"Thanks to Lisa I'm able to land quality clients and now I'm making over $10k in my business every month."

Kevin Connelly

"Lisa's course went beyond simply giving Upwork advice. Her encouragement motivated me to believe in my potential!"

Holly Burgess

"Lisa's mastermind coaching is helping me with many aspects of my professional  and personal growth."

Stop hustling and build a thriving freelance business.

Get the tools and training you need, connect with other freelancers just like you,
and discover the true potential of your business.

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