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Many freelancers and entrepreneurs struggle to answer the question - What do you do? Being clear on who your customer is, the problem they have and your solution is critical to landing the gig. 


The Pitch Bundle sets you up for success with bonus video training, worksheets, templates and even a free review and coaching on your one liner!





Win More Clients Easily


* Pitch yourself more confidently.

* Communicate clearly the first time.

* Make it easy for people to say yes.

* Simplify your marketing and messaging.
Get my pitch bundle today and start working with clients you like doing work that you love!

Never Confuse Your Customers Again

Clarify and Simplify Your One Liner Today

  • Identify Your Customer
  • Understand Their Problem
  • Empathize With Their Struggle


  • Articulate Your Solution
  • Communicate the Transformation
  • Build A Sense of Urgency

Learn the formula to creating a killer one liner

A powerful one liner can be used in so many places to help potential clients know how to work with you. 

Step by Step Tutorial

  • Instructional video
  • Step by step method
  • StoryBrand Framework
  • Watch at your own pace

One Liner Worksheet

  • 3 Step Formula
  • Try multiple versions
  • Same process used with StoryBrand clients 

10 Point

  • Learn new ways to use
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Expand your reach
  • Simplify your marketing

Whats Included?

The Pitch Bundle includes everything you need to
create a clear One Liner that sells.





One Liner Worksheet

Learn the 3 step formula and use the worksheet to write your own One Liner. 

10 Point Checklist

Use your One Liner in strategic marketing assets to build your brand.


Instructional Video Training

I'll walk you through each step of the project just like I do with my copywriting clients.



Free Review and Coaching on Your One Liner

Create your pitch and submit for a
personalized review and coaching by me!  



I'm new to Lisa's coaching program and one of the first things we tackled was my one-liner, which is a way to explain what I do quickly and effectively to anyone I meet. I feel more confident explaining what I do these days and I love Lisa's understanding that I will continue to personally and professionally evolve and my one-liner will too. Lisa is helping me with many things in my business and I'm so grateful she's become part of my journey! - Holly Burgess - Heartwork Marketing
Lisa's coaching is amazing! She gives so many tools, tips and processes to help you grow your business...
Thanks to her I was able to land clients that really value my work and pay happily every month and I'm now making over 7k in my business every month, while still working my 9-5.
Karen - Facebook Ads Specialist 





Don't waste years figuring out yourself


Hey, I'm Lisa and I'm here to save you a whole lotta time and tears. I started as a freelancer when my kids were babies.

Hustling between naps and playdates. It was hard but I'm a better mom when I'm working. How many of you can relate?

Just over 3 years ago as a single mom with 3 kids, I found myself trying to earn a living hustling on Upwork.

I had no idea what I was doing but with a lot of trial and error I made it work.

I'm here to share with you everything you need to build a thriving full-time business. Without hustling harder. Or missing out on family time.


You can build a thriving business
and still have a life you love.



Be confident pitching your services

with a clear and simple one liner


As a StoryBrand Copywriter working with over 225 clients, I’ve developed a clear process for helping entrepreneurs clarify their message and win more clients.
With the Pitch Bundle, now you can do the same.
Don't wait another day or confuse another customer.


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Communicate More Clearly


* Step 1: Download The Pitch Bundle

* Step 2: Create a clear and simple One Liner

* Step 3: Use on your website, proposal and social media
Get my pitch bundle today and start working with clients you like doing work that you love!