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How to Find Clients You Love Without Wasting Valuable Time

Mar 07, 2021

Many freelancers struggle to find clients who understand the value of what they do. They waste time trying to convince unqualified leads to work with them. And often, they aren’t the right fit anyway.


Here’s the good news. You can find qualified leads who know exactly what you do, how much it costs, and what your process is before you start interacting with them. 


Imagine speeding up your process, landing your ideal clients, and doing the work you love every day. Because that is what qualified leads will do for your business!


So, how do you start?


Stop Chasing Unqualified Leads


The worst leads come from social media and referrals.


I know this is an unpopular opinion, but hear me out! 


This is how the process usually goes with social media and referrals. You’ll get in touch with them, hop on a call, and tell them how much your service costs. 


They’ll say, “oh gosh! That’s so expensive. I could do this myself!” Then, you have to be polite because they’re your friend or you follow them on social media.


Let me tell you something. I’ve gotten DMs on social media because people see I’m a copywriter. One person asked me, “how much do you charge per word?” Copywriters don’t charge by the word! (We already have a problem here.)


Or someone will ask if I can write them a blog. Or manage their social media channels. But we don’t do that.


I realized almost every lead from social media or a referral is EXTRA work. I waste valuable time explaining what I offer and why they should pay me for it before I even hop on a call or send a proposal.

And rarely are they my ideal client.


Go Where Thousands of Qualified Leads Are Waiting


Here’s the good news: there are thousands of qualified leads on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr or Guru!


The truth is, I built my six-figure business completely off of Upwork. And I still get a steady stream of qualified leads coming into my inbox every single week.


Here’s how it works!


I get qualified leads when someone invites me to a job on Upwork. They’ve already checked out my profile and read what I do. They’ve seen my hourly rate and examples of projects I’ve done with other clients.


They’re thinking, she means business! She doesn’t work for just $20 an hour. They have a better idea of who I am, what I do, and the value I bring before they invite me to a job.


It’s the same when I apply to jobs on Upwork. Employers review my application and my profile, then reach out if they think I’d be a good fit.


YOU can do this, too!


Go where clients already know what they want, have their wallets out ready to pay, and have jumped through a few hoops to post those jobs on Upwork.


Those, my friend, are qualified leads. These people are serious. They know exactly what they want!


Make Your Clients Jump Through Hoops


I make my clients jump through hoops. That is what qualifies them. If they can’t be bothered, it’s a waste of time.


By the time I’ve applied or been invited to a job on Upwork, I’ve sent a response that shows samples of my site and my minimum project fees. Then, I ask to get on a discovery call.


They have to reply back and say yes, let’s get on a call.


All these things will save you the headache from talking to your crazy aunt’s friend who thinks you might do this for pennies.


Because you’ll end up feeling like you have to sell yourself to that person on what you do. NO! You do not need to be in the business of trying to sell somebody or convince them they need what you’re offering. You ain’t got time for that!


Take Control of Your Process


You deserve to work with the right clients who are willing to pay you for the value that you bring to the table.


So go where thousands of qualified leads are waiting! Save yourself the time and heartache of trying to schlup your wares through social media and referrals. Find clients who will pay you what you’re really worth!

Are you ready to build a thriving business from home? I created the Upwork Quick Start Course to help freelancers like you find clients you like and do work you love! Click here to check it out.

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