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Hidden Benefits of Loom For Freelance Businesses

freelance sales Mar 14, 2024

Pricing and proposals are hard. Sometimes we put down a number, close our eyes and just hit send. But it doesn’t have to be that way. ⁠⁠

What if you could walk your client through the proposal and build up the value so when they see the full price it makes sense and they feel confident you can help them with their project or ongoing support? ⁠⁠

My #1 secret weapon in closing more clients is to send a Loom video with every single proposal!

If you aren’t leveraging Loom in your workflow yet, get ready to have your mind blown.

And if you only use it sporadically, it’s time to step up your video game!

Here are some need-to-know hidden benefits:

Confirm that your message was received and viewed

Have you ever submitted reports, detailed proposals or training docs and endlessly obsess “Did they even READ this?”

Refreshing your inbox hoping for a reply often leads nowhere.

But Loom solves this by showing EXACTLY when and how many times videos were watched!

No more crickets.

Facilitate two-way conversations

Loom isn’t just convenient one-way communication. Viewers can leave timestamped comments throughout a recording in real time.

This gives you the ability to facilitate conversation when reviewing long virtual presentations together. Preventing disconnected, confusing feedback or back and forth emails.

Loom promotes organic discussions, Q&As, approvals, and other collaborative review processes remotely, streamlining the collaborative processes.

Save time with simple editing

Fumble a critical instruction sequence while screen recording or stumble over your words? Simple — DELETE imperfect sections completely before sending your Loom.

No need to redo entire videos for minor mistakes. Trim away any unwanted moments and finesse recordings to polished perfection pre-delivery instead.

Strengthen trust with password protection

While standard business videos don’t require security, you can password protect any Loom links for an extra layer of privacy when preferred.

This lets you share financial figures, sensitive contract specs and other documentation privately without worrying about external access. It’s another way to build client confidence.

Organized playlists

Loom allows centralizing videos into organized searchable playlists and folders. No more searching in Slack or email to find a video. Find exactly what you need instantly despite a high volume thanks to a neatly categorized platform.

Uncover the hidden benefits of using Loom for freelance work. Try these sales tips to close the deal. These creative ways to use video in business will help you get more clients!

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