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How to Pick a Niche

blog Sep 16, 2020


It is extremely important that you as a freelancer pick a niche. In an age of instant search, people like to type in exactly what they want or need and get top results in a flash. 


When you are clear about what you do, and you communicate it in a simple way, it’s easier for people to find you. 


Now, I didn’t say that narrowing down a niche is easy...for you. I said it was easy for clients to find you. The easier it is for clients to find you, the easier it is for you to get leads and secure business. 


So, how do you actually pick your niche?

1) Get Rid of the Fear 


The greatest thing that holds freelancers back from choosing a niche is fear. Fear of missing out, or fear of not getting enough customers. 


This fear makes you operate out of a mindset that isn’t productive. It’s a scarcity mindset and it’s actually lazy. Yep. I said it. 


Being all things to all people is the lazy way out. How is that working for you? 


Commit. Drill down. Get good at something and plant your flag in a niche you actually love (and hopefully good at). That is the way to scale faster. 


Trust me. 


2) Simplify Your One Liner


Sometimes picking your niche is as simple as being able to say exactly what you do in one sentence. Answer these questions...


Can you say what you do in one sentence? ⁠

Does the lightbulb go off for the person listening when you explain your services?

Tip: It should be a  pretty immediate yes or no regarding whether they need your help or not.⁠ (Now, whether they will pay for it is another conversation). ⁠

Were the answers to these questions yes? Then great! If not, practice writing out your one liner. By going through the exercise of writing your one liner, you are forced to clearly communicate what you do and niche yourself down.


⁠3) Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself in the Beginning


When I first started as a freelancer I was writing blog posts and social media captions. I was asked to do website research and keyword analysis. I’ve been asked to edit videos, do voice overs, create wireframes and edit resumes. 


A huge variety of tasks…


And each one helped me move closer to what I really enjoyed doing and where I was most happy. 


It’s okay to get started doing things that you may not be super interested in, or even highly skilled at. Most freelancers get started somewhere at a fairly low rate as they build their portfolio and narrow in on the type of work they most love. 


If you’re just starting out, I wouldn’t be too picky. As you grow, you’ll be able to niche down and develop a deeper expertise in fewer areas, which will allow you to create better processes and marketing messages. 


In the meantime, embrace the variety. You never know what you might get to do, and what skills you may discover! 

These are my top tips on picking your niche! (And why it’s essential for you to pick your niche.) For more information on niching down and building your client base, join the Full-Thrive Freelancers Facebook Group.

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