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5 Ways to Quickly Elevate Your Upwork Freelancer Profile

profile upwork Mar 14, 2024

As a freelancer who’s earned over $1.4 million on Upwork, I’ve learned a few tricks and landed on a winning formula for standing out on a busy freelancer platform.

If you want to attract more high-paying clients, try these 5 quick ways to give your Upwork presence an instant boost:

#1 Add a Specific and Searchable Title

Don’t generically say you’re a “Freelance Writer” or “Virtual Assistant.” Get ultra specific with your title like “Copywriter Specializing in SaaS Content Marketing”.

This immediately communicates the types of clients you want to attract. If you offer multiple services, create separate profiles and clear titles for each niche.

Make sure your title is professional but approachable. Think in terms of keyword search terms!

#2 Use a Client-Focused Message

One of the biggest mistakes is talking about yourself versus addressing the client’s problem.

They don’t care about you (yet), they care about their own struggles.

Craft a short tagline like “Struggling to Convert Site Visitors? I Create High-Converting Content” that speaks directly to their pain points and what you can do for them.

Focus this client-facing message on the transformation you provide. Make it emotional and compelling. This is often the first (and maybe only) thing a client reads about you!

#3 Create an Engaging Intro Video

Given how competitive Upwork is, an intro video is no longer optional. People connect with people, not words on a page.

Your video doesn’t need to be fancy — just authentic.

Share who you are, your experience, and reiterate how you can help clients simply and clearly.

Even a basic video filmed on your phone demonstrates you are real, serious, and technology proficient. It builds trust and rapport quickly.

#4 Showcase Your Best Portfolio Examples

You only have seconds to prove your skills, so don’t make clients hunt for your best work samples. Feature them right in your profile.

Include 4–5 strong examples of finished projects that relate to the clients you want to attract.

For each sample, describe the client, their challenge, and how you solved it successfully. Make your results easy to scan and absorb. Include a link to your work and a testimonial.

#5 Add External Testimonials

Peer validation is so powerful. Reach out to a few happy clients and ask if they’d provide a testimonial you can feature on your profile.

Aim for 1–2 testimonials from real clients (not friends and family). Spotlight the amazing results you delivered and how enjoyable you were to work with.

External testimonials build immense credibility since they come from paying clients outside Upwork!

Making these quick but impactful improvements can transform how clients perceive you before even applying. And first impressions make a huge difference in standing apart from the Upwork masses.

Want step-by-step help to get more attention (and clients)? Here’s a free masterclass I held about creating a profile that stands out on Upwork…might be a good place to start:

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