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5 Reasons Why Narrowing Your Niche on Upwork Wins You More Jobs

#blog Jun 29, 2021

Most freelancers love the idea of narrowing down their niche. They find relief thinking about it...but they’re scared to pull the trigger.


One problem freelancers have is they can do a variety of things well. It’s fine to offer all the things when you’re just getting started. But be careful not to get stuck there!


While you may make good money, it will feel chaotic and confusing trying to keep track of all the things you’re doing. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to keep all those balls in the air!


I fully believe narrowing down your niche on Upwork is the fastest way to grow your business - and your bottom line.


Here’s why.


Clients Find You Easily


Upwork is a search platform.


Think about it as Google for freelancers! Clients literally type in keywords to find you. And there’s even category searches available.


If your title is super clear and narrows down what you do, clients will find you faster.


While they’re scrolling through all those search choices...your profile will stand out. In less than 30 seconds, they’ll know you have exactly what they’re looking for.


They’ll go, “Oh gosh, I need that!” And you’ll be more likely to land the job.


Don’t make the mistake of trying to help different people in different ways on Upwork.


If you keep your profile general and broad...I’m telling you, you’re missing out!


Easier to Communicate


The best freelancer doesn’t always win.


The one who the client understands the quickest does. So, cut the fluff and say what you do!


You need to keep your Upwork title and description simple. Narrowing your niche is a great way to do that.


And if there’s two things you’d like to do, you can make a separate specialized profile for it. (This is a great new addition to Upwork!)


But be careful not to offer more than two services. You can’t really go in depth...and clients won’t know which one to pick you for.


If you have one thing you do well, you can go in depth in that one area. Then, you are seen as the expert. You are seen as someone who can really handle all aspects of what they’re doing!


And clients will understand what you do quicker.


Believe me, they aren’t going to give you much time. Clients are always scanning super quick to find what they need.


So remember, be clear and straight to the point. That’s what wins!


Maximize Your Time


When you focus on one thing, you can create one repeatable process.


This was a default bonus when I started to narrow down what I did. A process creates an incredible amount of efficiency!


First, it filters out non-clients. If someone wants something you don’t do, they aren’t your client. And you won’t waste more time on them.


Second, you’ll have smoother discovery calls. When you offer multiple things, you’ll probably have to come up with a sales pitch and process on the fly. Talk about nerve-wracking!


But if you’re focused on one thing,  you’ll have one efficient discovery call process.


Third, you won’t spend as much time creating proposals. If you’re like me, you’ll have one standard proposal that you’ll tweak one or two things in before you send it off. 


And finally, it will be easier to bring people into your team.


Your repeatable process will not only make it faster for you to deliver your work...but it will also give you the opportunity to expand your business.


Done and done!


Be Seen as The Expert


Pick a lane, plant your flag, and own that space on Upwork!


At first, it’s going to feel like you’re dismissing opportunities or limiting yourself.


But you’re going to build a stronger portfolio quicker. And it’s going to be so much easier to sell on discovery calls.


My discovery calls are easy. I tell my clients, “Oh yeah, I’ve done this project over 225 times using the same process. In fact, it’s all we do!”


This is a huge difference between the client running you around, and you running the project.


When you’ve established expertise in your space, you get to tell the client what they need to achieve success. Then, you’ll tell them exactly how your process is going to go.


Remember, you are in charge of how your business runs. If you think about it differently, you can create communication processes, systems, and manage expectations upfront.


And I promise you, your clients will love you for it.


You Can Charge More


Experts get paid more for what they do.


It’s true! People pay for experience. They don’t want to see that you do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.


Unfortunately, being a jack of all trades isn’t great unless you’re a project manager or virtual assistant. Then, that’s awesome!


But people pay for your experience in one specific area.


A strong, focused portfolio will sell itself. In fact, you can’t sell without it!


Same with powerful, supporting testimonials that expand on one thing you do well.


When you are an expert at what you do, there is less competition. And you can charge more for that.


Ready to Narrow Your Niche?


I want you to find clients you like and do work you love. And that means saying “no” to opportunities that don’t light you up.


If you’re worried that you’ll lose out on business, or you’ll lose out on variety, don’t worry.


I promise you, you’ll find plenty of clients who need what you offer. And you’ll find tons of variety in the areas you’re an expert at.


Just take a moment to imagine what it would feel like to wake up every morning and only do the work you love...on your own terms.


Narrowing down your niche is a powerful move. I want you to see it as a next step, not a step backwards. Because of it, your business will continue to go farther and farther!


Want more quick tips and training about leveraging Upwork for more leads? Check out the Full Thrive Youtube Channel for on-demand training and replays of our Masterclass teachings about Upwork. We’re talking discovery calls, pricing, proposals, clients...and so much more! Click here to check it out.

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