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3 Big Leaps That Changed the Course of My Business

blog Aug 05, 2020


“So how’d you do it??”

I get that question a lot. 

It’s a great question, and it causes me to pause and reflect on how did I do it? How did I build a 6-figure business in my first year as a freelance copywriter? 

Or, how did I double that my second year? 

When I look back and try to identify the major shifts in my business, they turned out to be more like huge leaps (think bungee jumping) that made the greatest contribution to my growth as a freelancer. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, the daily discipline of showing up, over delivering and delighting my customers is the foundation of any successful business, but these pretty big ‘ah-ha moments’ are the ones I can point back to that made a significant (and really fast) impact on my business and life. 


3 Big Leaps:

  • Raising My Rates
  • Saying No
  • Getting a Coach


Raising My Rates

I can see your eyes rolling already...of course your business would grow if you raised your rates, you make more money. Not always true. You may make more money, but you close less clients at higher prices. 

When you raise your rates many things happen. First, you have an internal shift in identity. You move from a hustling imposter to a seasoned professional. You begin to understand your value and how you support others in their success. 

You set yourself apart from the competition. Your prices are a statement of your experience and expertise. (Note: Before you raise your rates, you better have both experience and expertise to back it up. But, so many freelancers wait too long to realize their value and raise their rates!)

Raising your rates also attracts a better type of client. Clients who value your work, your contribution and allow you to lead the process. THESE are the types of clients and work that will grow your business faster than you ever imagined! 


Saying No

This had an incredible impact on the fast success of my business. Learning to say no, in a polite and professional way allowed me to grow with integrity on my own terms. 

I said no to: 

  • Clients that only wanted to haggle and negotiate. 
  • Clients who were too demanding.
  • Work that I didn’t enjoy doing. 
  • Working weekends and late at night. 
  • Projects that creeped outside the original scope. 
  • And I fired actual paying clients that were not ‘behaving’.

Freeing up your energy from clients and work that drain you will allow you to attract the right type of work and people who fulfill you and increase your creativity and flow. 

Getting the guts to say no was a game changer for this people pleaser...and as quickly as I got comfortable and confident, my business grew at the same pace! 


Getting a Coach

When I started out as a hustling freelancer on Upwork, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know anyone else trying to build a business online. I didn’t know any other copywriters. 

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 

And...that can work for you and against you. 

Because I had success in previous jobs in my life (this ain’t my first rodeo at 46) I knew the fastest way to find stability and experience growth was to get a coach. 

I needed some fresh perspective from someone who wasn’t related to me, or working with me. I paid for a coach to help me set goals, check in on my mindset and challenge me to try scary requiring a deposit up front from my clients. 

My coach actually dared me to do things in my business I KNEW would fail...which then turned out to be an incredibly eye opening success. #truestory  Everything he challenged me to do (and I actually did) worked. 

In the midst of struggling my first year...and yes, even at 6-figures there is struggle, I invested to have a coach help me through the rollercoaster of emotions. Both the failures and the wins. 

Even to this day, I invest in coaches...multiple coaches and masterminds. As we race towards revenue of $500k in the business this year, I need support and coaching more than ever.  


Do yourself a favor...don’t waste 2 years trying to figure out on your own. Take some notes from what worked from me and ‘steal like an artist’. Follow my steps and watch as you grow by leaps in bounds in your own business.

Interested in how I did it? I am teaching a masterclass that walks you through my steps! Register here: 

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