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3 Critical Questions To Ask Before You Start Copywriting

copywriting Mar 06, 2024

Many copywriters struggle to help their clients find clarity.

You can help your client and yourself write really powerful and emotional copy by beginning with the end in mind.

There are 3 critical questions you need your client to answer before you can write any of the words. If you want to know what that is, let’s dive in!

3 Critical Questions To Ask

What do you want your ideal client to:

  • Think
  • Feel
  • Do

You need to say, “Mr or Ms Client, at the end of the day we finish this project, we work on your website, we create your social media assets, we create an email campaign — whatever the copywriting is for, what do you want your customer or your ideal client to think, feel, or do because they read your copy?

Think about this, “Mr. / Ms. Client… someone comes to your website, your new website and after the work we do together, what is it that you want them to THINK about you when they read this copy on your website? How do you want them to FEEL when they read the copy on the website? And what DO you want them to do?

This is so powerful. THINK. FEEL. DO

Cutting Through The Noise

Asking these think, feel, and do questions removes all the noise and the nonsense that sometimes clients go on and on about when talking about their business , and reigns them back in.

Sometimes you need to say “Let’s cut to the chase! At the end of the day, we work together, we create a beautiful piece of copy. Beginning with the end in mind, what do you want your ideal customer to think about you or your product? How do you want them to feel about you or your product and what do you want them to do about you or your product?”

Always ask these questions to find clarity. And don’t freak out if the client doesn’t know. That’s what client homework is for.

Another Way To Ask

After asking those three powerful questions, wrap it up with What do you want your customer to tell somebody else about you? What are the words they would use to describe your product or service or website? 

The words can be super simple. Most people can only remember a few words, so put a simple sound bite in their mouth. You want to give them the words to be able to tell others about you.

If your client starts to go off the rails, bring them back to clarity through asking ‘what do you want somebody to say about you?”. They’ll easily be able to come up with a great starting point.

The more you can simplify this down, the better.

Beginning with the end in mind and walking your clients (or yourselves) through these questions will bring much needed clarity to the copywriting process!

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