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Can Upwork really create a steady stream of qualified leads??

Get up and running with this FREE 2-hour mini course giving you everything you need to start a thriving freelance business on Upwork!

I've taken my most requested Upwork Masterclasses and created on-demand video course you can watch anytime.

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All the stuff I wish I knew when I first started freelancing on Upwork  

Many freelancers are curious about Upwork, but not sure it's a right fit for their business. This mini course will help you know if it's worth the time and effort while also showing you how to: 

Create a Stand Out Profile

You'll learn my secret to pitching yourself in a simple way that grabs attention every time!

A Portfolio That Sells

Discover all the hidden places to sell yourself that other freelancers miss. Even create a portfolio from scratch.

Find Jobs You Love

Skip the difficult and demanding clients and learn my #1 strategy for finding the best jobs on Upwork.

Get Paid Expert Rates

Learn how to position yourself, your process and experience so you get paid what you're worth.

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Hey, I'm Lisa!

I make my own cold brew coffee, CrossFit in my garage and manage to keep 3 kids alive...

And when I'm not playing Mom, or writing copy for clients, I'm coaching other freelancers how to take their passion from part-time freelancer to full-time business owner. 

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide helping people clarify their message through copywriting, I've built a 6-figure freelance business on Upwork from my kitchen table. I know what it takes to: 

  • Find clients you like
  • Charge what you're worth
  • Create a signature process
  • Scale a 6-figure business

I made the leap from part-time freelancer to full-time business less than 2 years. I did it on Upwork and I'd love to help you do the same.

Full Thrive Freelancers

Meet some of the freelancers who have taken the course and built their business on Upwork with the strategies I've shared.

Nukhba Zain

Brand Copywriter

"No matter where you are in your freelancing journey, Lisa’s course and coaching will help you get ahead and meet your goals."

Rolando Archila

Presentation Designer

"Lisa's course and coaching helped me springboard my freelance business on Upwork from amateur to pro in weeks."

Betsy Wecker

Brand Strategist

"I went from earning $500 a month on Upwork to my first $9000 month after Lisa's masterclass and course."

Why Upwork is my secret weapon...

You might still be skeptical. I get it, but I still believe Upwork is the key to building a 6-figure freelance business. 

I've combined the best teaching from my Upwork Masterclasses and created an on-demand course with strategies and mindset shifts you can start using today. 

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Stop hustling and start building a thriving freelance business on Upwork

Dive into this FREE 2-hour mini course and see for yourself if Upwork is the right step for you.
Get the tools, tips and mindset that gives you the edge when it comes to your Upwork profile, portfolio, searching for jobs, pricing, proposals and so much more.

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