3-Day Discovery Call Bootcamp

Land Higher Paying Clients With Confidence

Sell Yourself With Ease 

Too many freelancers skip the Discovery Call and wonder why they aren't landing their ideal clients and getting paid what they’re worth.

This 3-Day Bootcamp is for freelancers who want to:

Land The Call Easily

Know how to qualify the client before the call and set the expectations.

Prepare With A Strategy

Win higher paying clients by selling your signature process.

Ask The Right Questions

Do your homework before the call so you can lead the conversation.

Follow-Up With Proposal

Close the deal quickly and easily with a detailed proposal.

Included in the Ultimate Freelancer Bundle

The sale is made in the Discovery Call

If you skip the discovery call or lose control of the discussion, you are missing out on great clients, work that you love (and leaving money on the table).

I'm Lisa and over the past 4+ years I've led potential clients through almost 2000 discovery calls. I've learned a thing or two like how to: 

  • Show up with confidence
  • Build trust and rapport quickly
  • Ask strategic questions
  • Sell my signature process
  • Keep calls under 20 minutes
  • Leave them wanting more

Too many freelancers let the clients take control, I'll show you how to show up like the expert, guide the discussion and close higher paying clients.

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Freelancer Success Stories...

Jess Anglin
Freelance Finance Writer

Now, I'm working with dream clients daily and have increased my income by 8x in 6 weeks with Lisa's step-by-step guidance! 
I didn't know that a sustainable business was possible!

Rolando Archila

Pitch Deck Specialist

Lisa helped me springboard my freelance business from amateur to pro in weeks, providing the best practices, tools and templates for freelancing while coaching and challenging me along the way

Arianna Sepuca

Social Media Manager

Taking Lisa's course has allowed me to learn and implement steps that would've taken me years to figure out myself. It's an investment that's sure to pay off and she is an excellent coach and teacher.

3-Day Discovery Call Bootcamp 

In this brand new (on-demand) training you'll walk away with a step-by-step framework that will give you confidence to land the call, prepare with a strategy, sell your process and win higher paying clients with a detailed proposal.


Jam Packed  Advance Teaching you can access
on-demand includes 
bonus templates covering: 

Day 1 - Landing and preparing for the call

What steps MUST happen before you get on any Discovery Call? Learn how to qualify clients before the call to ensure they are a good fit and not wasting their time or yours! 

  • How to ask for the call. 
  • When to send your calendar link.
  • Track calls easily with automated tools. 
  • Do your homework before the call. 
  • Show up prepared like an expert. 
  • How to prep clients before a call. 
  • How to stay in the power position, and keep control during the call.  
  • PLUS: Get my discovery call script to personalize for yourself.

Day 2 - Asking great questions and selling yourself

Get the sales tactics and strategies to paint the picture of what it will be like to work with you. This is your opportunity to interview them, not the other way around.   

  • Why to keep calls under 20 minutes.
  • Questions to ask for the proposal.
  • How to guide the conversation.
  • How to position yourself as the expert. 
  • Why to give away valuable information.
  • Why a signature process is critical
  • How to frame your questions.
  • Powerful sales tactics that work.
  • How to respond to difficult questions especially about money and pricing.

Day 3 - Closing the call and following up

Stay in control throughout the call and guiding your potential client through the final critical steps to close the sale. On Day 3 we'll cover how to end the call with excitement for a followup proposal.

  • How to close out a call on a high note.
  • Why you should never talk money.
  • How to respond to the money question.
  • Ask permission to send the proposal.
  • Why we wait to send the proposal.
  • Preparing an irresistible proposal.
  • What to write in the followup email.
  • BONUS: Loom video masterclass on how to send more powerful proposals. 

Show up like a professional and win higher paying clients!

Included In The Ultimate Freelancer Bundle

Everything you need to sell yourself with confidence on your next discovery call... in just 3 days!

Don't waste time trying to figure it out on your own, or stress about another call that didn't go the way you hoped. Get a proven (and repeatable) framework you can use on your very next discovery call.

Regular Price


  • 3+ hours of detailed instruction
  • Unlimited replay on-demand
  • Step-by-step workbook
  • Real video examples of calls
  • Loom video examples
  • Discovery Call Script
  • Bonus Proposal Template
Included in the Ultimate Freelancer Bundle