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3 Steps to Build a Business that Runs like Clockwork


Too many freelancers start their business because they want freedom and flexibility, but 12 months or 2 years later they find neither. They work over 40 hours, weekends and often sacrifice vacation time or try to work when they should be recharging.


What if you could put the freedom back into freelancing?


This masterclass will help you identify:

  • Where you are wasting time
  • What role you should play 
  • Who you need to hire
  • How to build systems that scale


Based on the best selling book Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz, I’ll be giving you a quick start guide to help you get out of your own way and start building a business that scales without you. 

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January 27th at
12pm PST/ 3pm EST

Hey there, I'm Lisa!

I'm a mom of 3, CEO of Simple Story Solutions, and Founder of Full Thrive. I grew my copywriting business to 6 figures our first year. Now I have a full team under me, and this year we are on track to hit $500k. My goal is to help you stop hustling and start building a thriving full time business.


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