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Discovery Call Bootcamp

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In this brand new intensive training you'll walk away with a step-by-step framework that will give you confidence to land the call, prepare with a strategy, sell your process and win higher paying clients with a detailed proposal.

  • 3+ hours of detailed instruction
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  • Real video examples of calls
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  • Discovery Call Script
  • Bonus Proposal Template
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The Pitch Bundle

Get the exact tools I use to win more clients easily.

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Free Upwork Masterclass Trainings

No matter where you are in your freelance journey, these trainings will give you the confidence to get started building a thriving business on Upwork.

How to Create A Standout Profile

You have less than 60 seconds to grab someone's attention in your Upwork Profile. How do you position your services with clarity and simplicity so you stand out?  This free masterclass shares the 6 questions your profile must answer to get attention!


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Send Powerful Proposals

Tired of applying to jobs and getting very few (if any) responses? What are the critical elements to include in your proposal to get the client's attention and land higher paying clients? This masterclass gives you the framework for powerful proposals.


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